Process development the automotive industry since the late 19th century, has been to promote technological change in the product replacement, with the ever-changing development of Internet technology, traditional manufacturing technology and services continue to be Internet penetration and subversion. In recent years, the car is moving from different areas of design, manufacture, use and so on with the continued integration of Internet technology, to embrace the Internet will become the inevitable trend of future development of the automotive industry.
The current global car market remained stable growth, will remain in a period of time greater levels of sales, while sales accounting for more than eighty percent of the passenger car market consumption structure has changed, and for younger users driving experience in his pursuit SUV, MPV and other models sales surge, since the average selling price is higher than ordinary cars, the proportion of such models with front loading terminal Internet services is relatively high.
Meanwhile, after years of deep plowing, automotive Internet services to usher in greater development in 2015, the Internet penetration of the automotive industry from the normal driving services, automotive downstream areas after the car service, new / used car sales gradually extended to manufacturing upstream areas, global inner consciousness representing leading OEMs and Internet companies have already started to design from the bottom car Internet service load to the vehicle assembly, will greatly expand Internet services in the car driving the process of service capacity and service scenarios.
Based on this, we believe that with the development of network infrastructure and network technology, web-based range of services in other areas, there have been considerable development, and automotive Internet services has been made on some mobile phones and other handheld devices degree of development, taking into account trends in Europe and America and other developing countries in the industry, the Chinese automotive aftermarket Internet will achieve greater development in the future.

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