• 2020.07.20

    2018 SANMAK catalogue 

    Sanmak provides a broad range of products and services throughout the world. We provide state-of-the-art technology and are able to offer a full range of vehicle lamps operating on either 12V or 24V systems such as LED warning lights, LED signal light

  • 2018.07.23

    Packaged LED NEWS:Cree,Samsung,Luminus and more 

    Announcements at and around LightFair included new COB LEDs from Cree, new horticultural LEDs from several manufacturers, and notification that the Energy Star ban of the Citizen test lab for LM-80 data had been rescinded. The LightFair International

  • 2018.06.29

    E-mark And e-mark 

    What s E-mark e-mark? According to the European Economic Commission regulations and the provisions of EU directives, in order to enter European market, cars, motorcycles and a variety of components and systems must be certified to meet the basic requi

  • 2017.09.20

    Osram CEO Doubts OLEDs for General Lighting 

    The potential of OLED technology as a general light source is starting to feel a bit like nuclear fusion: Its an exciting, transformative prospect that seems to remain permanently in the future. Now, count Osram CEO Olaf Berlien among its skeptics. At a m

  • 2017.07.12

    How LED light fit for your vehicles 

    No matter how good they are, your 4X4s standard headlights just dont cut it when youre driving in the Aussie bush after sunset. Even top-spec vehicles fitted with HID headlights can be improved upon when it comes to lighting, so its fortunate that the

  • 2017.06.14

    How To Install Off Road LED Work Light Bar 

    Professional installation is highly recommended. Modifications or damage to the product while installing is not covered under warranty and will void the return/exchange/warranty of the item. NOTE: Be advised that the product is designed to be installed on

  • 2017.04.26

    What’s SAE standard and who set? 

    You might think that there is just ONE major governing body that sets all the standards and regulations for motorized vehicles, but thats not the case at all. There are numerous national and worldwide agencies which make it their business to test and eval

  • 2017.03.29

    LED - Design and Functionality 

    LEDs are tiny in size yet great in performance. They combine various technologies in a very smallest space. Here you can learn more about the design and functionality of these innovative mini lights. LED Design LED lights and LED systems basically con


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