How to install LED beacon on your vehicle?
Although it is easy to install beacons on your vehicles, but still never ignore it. Here is there ways to install:

Permanent Mount:

But caution: Permanent mounting of this product will require drilling. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that no other vehicle components could be damaged by this process. Check both sides of the mounting surface before starting. If damage is likely, select a different mounting location.

1. Use the base as a template and mark the three or two mounting holes off onto the mounting surface. Remove base. In the center between the mounting holes, mark the location of the wire access hole.


2. Drill mounting holes about 3.5mm into the mounting surface with a drill bit. Drill the wire access hole using a drill bit. Remove any burrs from the wire access hole.

3. The base seal goes between the beacon base and the mounting surface.

4. Feed the wires first through the base seal and then through the cable access hole. Place the base(with seal) on the mounting surface and align the beacon mounting holes with the mounting holes drilled in step 2. Secure the beacon firmly to the mounting surface using the supplied mounting screws.

Magnetic and suction Mount:

WARNING: The use of any magnetically mounted warning device on the outside of a vehicle in motion is not commended and is at the sole risk and responsibility of the user.

Wipe the suction cup clean and place the beacon onto a flat, metal surface and apply gentle pressure to ensure a good seal has been achieved. Plug it into the vehicle cigar lighter.

Pipe Mount:

1. INCH (NPT) Pipe Mount: Threading for a 1 inch (NPT) pipe mounting is precast in the base.
2. Feed power cable through the 1 inch pipe and connect the cable to the wires of the beacon.

3. Screw the beacon into the threads on the 1”pipe, taking precaution not to damage the connected power wires. Do not tighten base too hard as not to damage threads on base.

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