Sanmak VIP Notice
VIP Rules:
1. The system will automatically send email to the registered mail after registration is successful;
2. There will be 3 levels after registered successfully. China IP – Ordinary VIP. Overseas IP – Intermediate VIP.
Cooperated customers – Senior VIP (Please contact the administrator for audit to be the Senior VIP).
3. You will be able to view the VIP information after registration successful.
4. The default secrecy for the new product in the VIP center will be 6 months. Over the period of time,
will be displayed in the normal product zone;
5. Please continue to focus on Sanmak, we will launch more than 2 new products each month;
6. To ensure our customers interests, OEM or ODM products will not be displayed on our website;
7. Overseas IP could be accessed directly. But it will be banned to access if the background judged the overseas IP as AD,
competition or malice.
8. China IP will not be able to browse the latest products and download data directly, will be authorized to access your information.
Why to be a VIP of Sanmak?
1. Sanmak is a well-known enterprise in China in the vehicle application of LED lighting.
2. Sanmak has a strong R&D ability.
3. Sanmak based on providing customers with a variety of solutions; 
4. After successful registration, you can continue to acquire new technologies, new processes,
and the most complete product information.
Sanmak’s Business Philosophy:
1. Sanmak uphold customer – oriented. Customer is the only reason we exist. Regard customer service as our corporate mission.
2. Sanmak adhere product – oriented. Prove with good product and make good product with craftsman’s spirit.
3. Sanmak based demand – oriented. Focus on customer demands, grasp the timeliness,
and provide the satisfactory reply to customer timely.
4. Sanmak promise quality – oriented. Insist on process improvement, ensure 100% qualified outbound,
and exceed customer requirement.
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If you have any question or comments about our products or if you would like to find out more about Sanmak. Please contact us via following ways:
Block 3, Chuangfu Industry Zone, Lihe Rd, Nanhai District, Foshan, China.

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