• 2017.05.24

    Comparison Between LED HID and Halogen 

    When you start looking at the different types of light bars you may notice that there are several types of lights each powered by a different type of lighting. Light bars can come equipped with either LED, HID, or halogen bulbs. The question is then w

  • 2017.04.19

    Spot Flood Combination - Which Type of LED Lighting is Best? 

    Choosing what beam pattern you want yourLED light barto be is one of the first and most important choices that you will make in your selection. With that being said, the answer to which one is best really isnt clear cut and largely depends on what typ

  • 2017.03.17

    How to Send Inquiry at Sanmak Website 

    1. You are not our VIP yet. Please register and be our VIP first. More information please check VIP Zone on Sanmak Website at . 2. You already are our VIP. **Please log in the VIP center and browse our products,

  • 2017.03.06

    What is an LED? 

    LED(abbreviation LED light emitting diodes) a semiconductor device that converts electric current into light radiation. It is a pn-junction. Its like a brick of semiconductor electronics, which consists of two pieces of semiconductor with different ty

  • 2017.01.04

    Condensation in your Lights- Sanmak Lighting 

    Condensation is a naturally occurring condition that can affect any light. It does not suggest a defect in a product, as opposed to what happens when a leak occurs, in which case there is water ingress that could lead to a system failure. The explanat

  • 2016.12.21

    How is Sanmak Light different? 

    Factory who manufacture offroad LED light bar,LED work light mush room.While as a saying goes:every penny worth.Take LED light bar as a sample to see how Sanmak is different: 1. Difference on LED Sanmak:use USA Cree XBD 3W LED chip.While other supplie

  • 2016.11.30

    Sanmak Submersion and Pressure-seal Tests 

    ManySANMAKproducts aresubjected to submersion and pressure-seal tests. An immersion pipe can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter in water. Another test system can reach a depth of 6 meters. Also, an overpressure test up to 1.6 bar is conducted in an im

  • 2016.11.02

    Sanmak Dust Test 

    Dust frequently poses a negative environmental condition. This also applies to work carried out in a field or at a construction site, for example. This is why we thoroughly test our products for their dust-sealing properties. During this quality test,


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