Sanmak Testing Facilities
Sanmak has a full range of advanced testing facilities. It owns the high-standard laboratory, production testing equipment and first-class hardware facilities.
At our testing facilities room you can see the very latest technologies that are designed to ensure that the highest standards are met in terms of product quality,
reliability, durability and safety. These facilities could help our company to be out to demonstrate that our products are able to help with the ultimate
aim of ELIMINATING RETURNS. These must surely be the drivers of any successful in the automotive aftermarket industry;
they represent fundamental features that are uppermost in customers’ minds, and are essential for brand loyalty and brand protection
as well as global sales success.
Below are some of our testing facilities:

1.Integrating Sphere:
Photometric or radiometric measurements.

2.Vacuum Watertight Test Equipment:
Submersion and pressure-seal tests. To test whether these are bubbles when immerse the product in the water and to test the waterproofness of products.

3.Salt Spray Test Machine:
To check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

4. Constant Temp & Humi Programmable Chamber:
It is also called environmental testing chamber, which is able to accurately simulate extreme complicated natural environments conditions such as low temperature,
high temperature, high temperature and humidity, low temperature and humidity, etc. to test the tolerances of materials on heat, cold, dry or humid conditions.

5. Drop Test Machine:
The unit is utilized for assessing the package in certain transportation, loading and unloading processes, through dropping the degree of impact.
The unit will be able to assess the impact-proof strength, thereby evaluating the reason for the packaging design.

6. Simulated Transport Vibration Test Stand:
The wideband random vibration test is used to test the mechanical endurance strength in the vertical and horizontal axes,
such as the vibration-resistance of packed LED lights, toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, equipment, etc.

We also have other test facilities, for example, Spectrum Test Room and Waterproof Testing Room, etc.
Welcome to visit our factory or contact us to get more information about our company and products.
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