Want to see new design products? Want to learn more new technology of LED lights? Want to know the installation of LED lights? Want to see whole series of LED lights for automotive before-market and aftermarket, and components market? Welcome to our exhibition room. You will know that it deserve you to spend time and energy on it after visiting to our exhibition room.
Now let’s see the attractions of our exhibition room.
Our exhibition room covers an area of over 120 square meters. The exhibition room and corridor are separated by clear and safety glass, so you could see the whole exhibition room on the corridor. It’s capacious and bright. It floors with off-white tiles. The chairs and conference table can accommodate about 16 people. The application pictures of our products hang on the walls. The decorations and furnishings in the room create a comfortable atmosphere.
As a modern exhibition room, it has many functions, such as exhibition, reference, research and communication. It equips with modern high definition projector with 120 inch of screen and computer. When our clients come to here, we show our company history, basic introduction of our company, mission, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, new product projects, and of course, our products and our prospects for the future, etc.

On the exhibition shelves of left hand of the exhibition room, there are a variety of LED work lights. And LED light bars, LED warning lights, LED signal lights and accessories and certificates such as CE, RoHS, TUV, EMC, DOT, ECE, SAE and ISO9001, etc. are placed on the right hand. There are actual installation of LED driving lights, LED headlights and LED work lights, such as various bumpers, imitated original mounting holes and tailgates, etc. being showed in the middle wall.

We warmly welcome clients from all over the world to visit our factory and our exhibition room. Our people are waiting for your coming with full of passion! Sanmak won’t
let you down!

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