• 2016.06.15

    What is the salt spray test ? 

    It provides a controlled corrosive environment and has been used to produce relative corrosion-resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals exposed in a test chamber. The classical salt spray ( fog ) test ASTM B117 consists of atom

  • 2016.06.15

    Getting to know inductors 

    Introduction. Inductors are components that are simple in their construction, consisting of coils of insulated copper wire wound around a former that will have some type of core at its centre. This core might be a metal such as iron that can be easily mag

  • 2016.06.15

    General tips to prolong equipment lighting 

    1.Never use a test probe to pierce wire insulation When troubleshooting lighting complaints never pierce the wire insulation Wicking action takes place which causes moisture to travel along the wire strands and corrode critical connections along the c

  • 2016.06.15

    The Interior aspects of LEDs 

    Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have continued to be greatly used in the electronic world. Theres a lot you need to know about their designs and functions. They have continued to be used in the manufacturing of gadgets, mobile devices and other tiny and larg

  • 2016.06.15

    Damaging Issues Of Safety Systems 

    1.Environment Trailers operate on the countries highways twelve months of the year in any weather condition. Winter season puts the trailer wiring systems through the greatest salt attack known throughout history. Eleven times more salt is put on the high

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