• 2017.03.08

    Advantages of LEDs 

    The LED technology improves the quality of life and makes it more sustainable. Whether for urban lighting, the automotive industry, the home sector or in advertising. LED light sources are versatile and efficient. They offer significant advantages com

  • 2017.02.22

    What Makes Stainless "Stain-less" 

    A common misconception about stainless steel is that is not affected by corrosion. While misleading, the phenomenal success of the metal makes this common belief understandable. One of New York Citys most impressive landmarks is the stainless steel cl

  • 2016.12.07

    Osram takes adaptive LED headlamps to new level with Daimler 

    Automotive LED headlamps have proven to deliver new capabilities such as steering the projected light beam based on the road contour and oncoming traffic, but a new Osram design ups the ante with 1024 individually controllable emitters. Osram Opto Sem

  • 2016.11.23

    Polaris Is Buying Up A Huge Chunk Of The Off-Road Industry 

    Minnesota-based powersports outfit Polaris has been around forever, but hit serious paydirt recently with the immense success of its RZR UTVs. The vehicles basically blazed a trail into an entirely new motorsport segment thats blowing up. Now it looks

  • 2016.10.26

    LED Engin Announces its Whitest LED for Lighting 

    LED Engin is claiming high quality light with a CRI of 97 from its gallery white LEDs. CRI is not a perfect measure of colour rendering. It is officially measured using eight pastel shades (called R1-R8) and it is not unknown for lighting LEDs and flu

  • 2016.09.14

    How to choose a LED light bar or LED light pod mounting loca 

    Before you ever even start to seriously search for what LED light bar (or pod) you want to buy, it is important to determine where you would like to mount your light on your vehicle.

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