• 2016.05.26

    Rigid Industries Announces Its Acquisition By Truck-Lite 

    Rigid Industries LED Lighting, the worlds leader in forward projecting LED lighting via its patented optic systems and torture-tested housing, announces its acquisition by Truck-Lite Co., LLC of Falconer, NY., a member of the PENSKE Corporation. Toget

  • 2016.04.27

    Cree adds to XQ Series; Samsung adds 5630 LEDsBy Maury Wrigh 

    Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine Crees new XQ-A LEDs are intended to enable more flexibility in products that require small-footprint white and color LEDs while Samsungs LM561B+ and LM561C mid-power LEDs offer improved performance. Samsung and Cree have

  • 2016.03.15

    The Future design for the next generation LEDs 

    LEDs have continued to evolve as the years roll by. Lots of exciting designs have been seen in many of them. The future promises to be more surprising when it comes to LED designs. In this write-up, were going to be examining the future design possibi

  • 2016.02.15

    LED development trend 

    From LED lighting technology, to male pin lighting/harness applications, to multiplexing issues todays technology means that the end user should be able to design lower costs and longer life and product quality into all lighting and harness uses. Howe

  • 2016.02.08

    LED Grow Light market share is expected to achieve $300 mill 

    n recent years, LED Grow Lights permeability increased a lot, the global LED Grow Lights production grows rapidly in 2013, although only ten million U.S. dollars, it expected to exceed $ 35 million in 2014, and more than $ 300 million in 2017. The opt

  • 2015.11.15

    LED Component Market Saw Sluggish Growth in 2015 

    2015 was supposed to be the year when LED lighting would really start to take off. Prices for lamps were already under $10, with some even under $5 and we still stand by our growth estimate of around 85% unit growth for LED lamps with 45% revenue grow

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