• 2016.10.17

    Canton Fair 2016- Welcome to Visit Our Factory- Sanmak Light 

    Wesincerely and warmly invite you tovisit our factory while you are visiting the Canton Fair Oct. 15th- 19th 2016. Wed like to pick you up at the airport, exhibition hall or the hotel you stay at. You will see that our factory has the new 17,000 squar

  • 2017.03.17

    How to Send Inquiry at Sanmak Website 

    1. You are not our VIP yet. Please register and be our VIP first. More information please check VIP Zone on Sanmak Website at http://www.sanmak.com/plus/view.php?aid=655 . 2. You already are our VIP. **Please log in the VIP center and browse our products,

  • 2017.03.06

    What is an LED? 

    LED(abbreviation LED light emitting diodes) a semiconductor device that converts electric current into light radiation. It is a pn-junction. Its like a brick of semiconductor electronics, which consists of two pieces of semiconductor with different ty

  • 2017.01.04

    Condensation in your Lights- Sanmak Lighting 

    Condensation is a naturally occurring condition that can affect any light. It does not suggest a defect in a product, as opposed to what happens when a leak occurs, in which case there is water ingress that could lead to a system failure. The explanat

  • 2016.12.21

    How is Sanmak Light different? 

    Factory who manufacture offroad LED light bar,LED work light mush room.While as a saying goes:every penny worth.Take LED light bar as a sample to see how Sanmak is different: 1. Difference on LED Sanmak:use USA Cree XBD 3W LED chip.While other supplie

  • 2016.09.21

    Sanmak 2016 Germany Frankfurt,vehicle LED light 

    Thanks for all customers coming to our stand in Germany. Sanmak has attend Germany Frankfurt,which is held on Sep.13 to Sep. 17 2016.We meet crowed of customers and share info and ideas about market and our new blue tooth control LED light bar. Our gr

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