• 2016.12.21

    How is Sanmak Light different? 

    Factory who manufacture offroad LED light bar,LED work light mush room.While as a saying goes:every penny worth.Take LED light bar as a sample to see how Sanmak is different: 1. Difference on LED Sanmak:use USA Cree XBD 3W LED chip.While other supplie

  • 2016.09.21

    Sanmak 2016 Germany Frankfurt,vehicle LED light 

    Thanks for all customers coming to our stand in Germany. Sanmak has attend Germany Frankfurt,which is held on Sep.13 to Sep. 17 2016.We meet crowed of customers and share info and ideas about market and our new blue tooth control LED light bar. Our gr

  • 2016.11.30

    Sanmak Submersion and Pressure-seal Tests 

    ManySANMAKproducts aresubjected to submersion and pressure-seal tests. An immersion pipe can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter in water. Another test system can reach a depth of 6 meters. Also, an overpressure test up to 1.6 bar is conducted in an im

  • 2016.09.14

    Changing for the Better: Making Reform Happen in Sanmak 

    As reform has always been a crucial choice that companies have made regarding its destiny in modern times. Sanmak is making reform now, and it deepen its all-round reform with a new starting point.

  • 2016.11.02

    Sanmak Dust Test 

    Dust frequently poses a negative environmental condition. This also applies to work carried out in a field or at a construction site, for example. This is why we thoroughly test our products for their dust-sealing properties. During this quality test,

  • 2016.09.09

    Sanmak Travel to Shenzhen 

    This travel relieved us of boredom and gloom, brought us enjoyment and attraction. This travel gave us a pleasant experience, which dispersed our boredom and made us forgot whatever annoyed us. Travel broadened our mind and left us good memories. I th

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