• 2017.08.09

    Why LED Light Fail? 

    1. Corrosion in the wiring The highway environment is one of the most toxic environments encountered by vehicular and specialized equipment. Water is bad, but salt water and ice buildup is worse. The basic problem is that salt water corrodes wiring at a m

  • 2016.11.16

    Sanmak at 2016 Automechanika SHANGHAI 

    Sanmak will participate also this year in the 2016 automechanika SHANGHAI.

  • 2017.08.03

    How to install LED Light Bar 

    Aftermarket driving lights like spot lights and LED light bars offer the ultimate driving light solution for every vehicle. From trucks and four wheel drives right through to sports cars and family sedans. It is the responsibility of the vehicles owne

  • 2016.11.14

    2016 Sanmak APPEX Show-vehicle LED Light 

    It is our pleasure to meet you come to our stand in Las Vegas. Sanmak has attend 2016 Appex,which is held on Nov.1 to Nov.3 .Crowed of customers and share info and ideas about market and our new blue tooth control LED light bar,signal light,LED lighea

  • 2017.07.26

    Effective Output vs Raw Output 

    Effective Lumens Traditionally lights are advertised by their Raw output, which uses the LED manufactures quoted maximum lumen output times the number of LEDs in the fixture. For example our 27W ( led light 27w , 4 27w round spot led ) have LEDs rated

  • 2016.11.09

    Thanks for Visiting Sanmak Factory 

    Autumn and Winter seasons are prosperous seasons for our factory. Many clients from Europe, Asia, Australia and America, etc. have visited our factory recently. And all of them feel happy and confidence to have Sanmak to be their friends, not just bus

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